Traffic law

Traffic law essentially comprises fine proceedings, criminal behavior in road traffic and the handling of traffic accidents under civil law.

Fine proceedings for excessive speed or other violations in road traffic make up a large part of our experienced traffic lawyers.

In traffic criminal law, the most common areas of defense are escaping accidents, driving without a license, negligent bodily harm and driving despite being unable to drive due to alcohol and narcotics.

In the handling of traffic accidents, the smooth handling of the event taking into account your financial interests, especially with the insurance companies, is in the foreground of our activities. The combination of an early presentation of the legal peculiarities and routine handling processes in our law firm help our clients to achieve the best possible compensation.

You will benefit from the extensive experience of our traffic law activities.

The best starting point for your defense and representation is if you do not provide any information about the matter to the police, other parties involved and insurance companies and instruct us immediately.

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